Posted on: December 6, 2008 9:46 pm

tampa bay underestimated

Wow, the Buccaneers have won 9 games and still are always underestimated. First of all they have a reliable quarterback in Jeff Garcia, he is kind of like Kerry Collins in which everyone says that both cant lead their respective teams back. But both have proven that wrong. Jeff brought them back against Detroit. Tampa bay is not as inconsistent as the Carolina Panthers. They can win tough road games unlike the panthers who only can win at home against good teams. Tampa Bay can run the ball with Warrick Dunn and Williams running in touchdowns. Tampa also has the same defense that won them the super bowl in 04. This team will only go forward and not backward, they are my NFC's representative in the Super Bowl. (Bucs VS Steelers)

Posted on: February 28, 2008 6:00 pm

Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

Ok here goes

1. Ottawa-I like the Penguins but Ottawa is much more consistent

2. Pittsburgh-Just going to beat out New Jersey, but to inconsistent to be top seed.

3. Carolina- Weak division

4. New Jersey- loses out on division title, but still a Stanley cup contender.

5. Montreal-Loses 4th to New Jersey one of the last games of the season. Not doing as well since all star break.

6. Buffalo- not doing as well but will turn it around- better offense. If no offense, won't get past first round.

7. Boston-Playing better, more constant wins, then they will get past first round.

8. Race between Islanders and Rangers- It will be close but Rangers get through.

First Round Ottawa V.S Rangers=Ottawa in 5 games

  Pittsburgh V.S Boston= Pittsburgh in 5 games

  Carolina V.S Buffalo=Buffalo in 7 games, they will be carrying momentum.

  New Jersey V.S Montreal= The Best Series=Montreal in 7 games-very close.

Second Round

  Ottawa V.S Buffalo= Upset Special-Buffalo in 6 games. Momentum

  Pittsburgh V.S Montreal= In the begining of the year penguins kept losing to the Canadians and towards the end they started to figure out Montreal- So Pittsburgh Prevails in 7 games.

Conference Championship-

  Pittsburgh V.S. Buffalo- With Sid the Kid Healthy and Malkin and trade additions= The end to the Fairy tale story Penguins are going to the Stanley Cup for first time since 1992.

  Conference Campion=

  The Pittsburgh Penguins

Western Conference - Coming Soon

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